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Workshop on Nutrigenetics and Statistical Genertics

(16th – 17th July 2018, Padang, Indonesia)

The Nutrigenetics and Statistical Geneticsworkshop will cover state-of-the-art statistical

methods for detection of associations between genetic variants and complex traits. Each day

will include discussions of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics analysis theory and hands-on

computer exercises, focusing on giving an introduction to the basic principles of statistical

genetics. Specific areas of focus for the course include: study design considerations for

genetic.association tests, quality control procedures, basic analysis of genetic association SNP data,

and introduction to novel genetic epidemiology approaches. The workshop will

stress interpretation of results and emphasize the pratical aspecsts needed to give the best

chances of successs. This course is targeted for individuals who are interested in learning the

epidemiologists, clinicians and PhD and post-doctoral students specialising in the field of

nutriton and complex diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascuar diseases. No

prior experience with the statistical methods is necessary.


Day 1 : (Interactive lecture-based sessions) (9.30 am – 4.30 pm)

  • Role of Genetic Epidemiology in Nutrition & Health
  • Introsuction to Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics
  • Translation of Nutrigenetics to Personalised Nutrition
  • How to design a population-based study?

Day 2: (Use of SPSS for various statistical analyses)(9.00 am – 3.30 pm)

  • Introducton to Statistical Genetics
  • A brief review of genetic and statistical concepts, including genetic design
  • Basic statistical methods & Regression methods to test for associations & interactions

Course Instructor

Dr.Vimal Karani

Assitstant Professor in Nutrigenetics

Hugh Siclair Unit of Human Nutrition

University of Reading UK

Dosen Tetap Prodi S3 Biomedik

  1. Prof.dr.Nur Indrawati Lipoeto,MSc,PhD,SpGK
  2. Prof.dr.Fadil Oenzil,PhD,SpGK
  3. Prof.Dr.dr.Eryati Darwin,PA(K)
  4. Prof.Dr.Eti Yerizel,MS
  5. Prof.Dr.dr.Nasrul Zubir,SpPD-KGEH
  7. Prof.Dr.Ir.Helmi,MSc
  8. Prof.drh.Endang Purwati RN,MS,PhD
  9. Prof.Dr.Sumaryati Syukur,MSc
  10. Dr.dr.Afriwadi,MA,SpKO
  11. Dr.dr.Adnil Edwin Nurdin,SpKJ
  12. Dr.dr.Eva Decroli, SpPD-KEMD-FINASIM
  13. Dr.dr.Andani Eka Putra,MSc



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