Pengaruh Skopoletin Dari Buah Mengkudu ( Morinda Citrifolia L.) Terhadap IL-4, IL-10 dan IgE Pada Mencit Putih Jantan Hipersentivitas Tipe I

Yufri Aldi

One of the plant used to treat type I hypersensitivity reaction is noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia L.) Previous studies,have shown that ethanolic extract of noni fruit could inhibit cutaneous anaphilactic reaction on male mice and in-vitro inhibition of sensitized mastocyte degranulation Ethanolic extract from its leaves in topical usage could suppress inllammation. Recent research of noni ethanol extract has been known to inuease antibody titer on white male mice which was induced by rroat red blood cells and also increase the amount of lymphocyte, neutrophil, and

eosinophil. Scopoletin is one of the active compound that contained in ethanolic extract ofnoni fruit.

Abstrak Yufri Aldi