Peningkatan Apoptosis Sel Beta Pankreas Pada Prediabetes dan Diabetes Melitus TIPE 2 Berdasarkan Kadar Survivin dan RAF-1 Kinase Serum

Eva Decroli

Observational study with cross-sectional design was aimed to reveal differences in the level of survivin and raf-l kinase in prediabetes, ‘uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and controlled T2DM related to HbAlc and serum triglyceride in diabetes group. In this study, we included 30 people as prediabetes group, 30 people as controlled T2DM group, and 30 people as uncontrolled T2DM 8troup, and to gather normal reference of s.urvivin and raf-l kinase level, we examined 10 non diabetic healthypeople. Level of survivin and raf-l kinase was measured using ELISA technique, HbAlc was measured using HpLC and triglyceride was measured using enzymatic technique. in this study, we compared the level of survivin and raf-1 kinase between prediabetes, controlled and uncontrolled T2DM. We also analyzed correlation between survivin and raf-l kinase with HbAlc and triglyceride level in diabetic goup. data were analyzed with gaired-t-test, Mann-Whitney, and Spearman correlation with P<0,05 considered as significant.

Keyr’vords : Apoptosis, Pancreatic Beta Cell, Raf-1 kinase, Survivin, Diabetes Mellitus

Abstrak Eva Decroli